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Commander, 500th MI BDE

     Mahalo and welcome to the 500th MI Brigade's official Website.

     The 500th Military Intelligence Brigade, headquartered at Schofield Barracks, Hawaii, is postured across the Pacific to provide multi-disciplined intelligence support for joint and coalition warfighters in the Pacific Command area of responsibility under the operational control of Commander, U.S. Army, Pacific (USARPAC).

     Transforming to meet the intelligence demands of full spectrum operations, the brigade is engaged in the full range of theater contingencies from disaster relief and humanitarian assistance to planning for combat operations. Daily, the brigade conducts intelligence collection, analysis, and exploitation, as well as force protection and operational over-watch for US forces in the PACOM AOR. The 500th MI Brigade currently provides tactical intelligence support to Joint Special Operations Task Force Philippines as part of OPERATION ENDURING FREEDOM.

Mission and Vision

Image of: soldiers of the 500th MI Bde

     The 500th MI Brigade conducts continuous, multi-disciplined, intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance operations in order to provide commanders with timely, predictive and actionable intelligence in the PACOM AOR. On order, deploys tailored intelligence forces globally in support of full-spectrum operations.

     We are the Pacific Vanguards Intelligence Brigade, we are America's Intelligence Strength for the Pacific

Disciplined...     Integrated...     Actionable...     Decisive!

iSALUTE Link      If you have witnessed suspicious activity that could potentially threaten the safety of the community, the Army or the nation, iSALUTE is available as a reporting tool. Click the image link to report any suspicious activity and to be contacted by Army Counterintelligence.

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