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Unit Logo

501st Military Intelligence Brigade

Commander, 501st MI BDE
Unit 15282
APO AP 96205-0055

DSN(315) 723-5657

501st MIB Home Page

Mission: The 501st MI Brigade provides combat information and multi-discipline intelligence to joint and combined warfighters.

The 501st Military Intelligence Brigade has a legacy of service as the eyes and ears for the longest-standing stabilization force mission in U.S. military history. The brigade is dedicated to supporting combined forces operations upholding the armistice agreement that ended hostile action on the Korean Peninsula in 1953.

The brigade, headquartered in Seoul, Korea, along with its four battalions, is a uniquely configured military intelligence organization incorporating all forms of traditional and developing intelligence collection, analysis and dissemination technologies. The 501st MI Brigade is the only Army unit of its kind containing organic assets that span the full array of intelligence disciplines: imagery, signals, measurement and signatures, and human intelligence.

Under the peninsula’s current political climate, the brigade’s mission focuses on supporting warfighters by providing indications and early warning of actions by opposing forces who could threaten a tense, but stable, peace. If hostilities begin, the brigade mission shifts to providing combined, multi-discipline intelligence and force protection support to the United Nations Command/Combined Forces Command, the CFC Ground Component Command and their subordinate units (primarily the 8th U.S. Army and the forces of the Republic of Korea).

The 3rd MI Battalion traces its aerial reconnaissance and surveillance mission to the deployment of OV-1 Mohawk aircraft to Korea in 1964. The battalion conducts intelligence collection with RC-12 Guardrail and RC-7 Airborne Reconnaissance Low aircraft.

The 719th MI Battalion provides strategic and tactical intelligence support to commanders on the peninsula, commands throughout the Pacific and national consumers.

The 532nd MI Battalion houses elements that bring the whole collection effort together. This operations battalion processes, analyzes, produces and disseminates intelligence.

The 368th MI Battalion is headquartered in Dublin (Camp Parks), CA with components in Bell, CA. It comprises the fifth battalion under the 501st MI Brigade’s structure. This relationship results in continuous involvement and integration of elements of the 368th in the brigade’s operations and training.

Site Last Updated: 2 June 2017