1st MI Battalion
The 1st Military Intelligence Battalion (Aerial Exploitation) conducts aerial signals intelligence operations in support of the 66th Military Intelligence Brigade and rapidly deploys tailored intelligence packages to support stability and conventional operations.
2d MI Battalion
The 2d Military Intelligence Battalion conducts theater level multi-discipline forward collection and exploitation in support of USAREUR requirements.  On order, the battalion deploys tailored expeditionary forces in support of full spectrum combatant command operations.
24th MI Battalion
The 24th Military Intelligence Battalion conducts intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR) synchronization; and all-source intelligence analysis, production, and dissemination in support of national, joint, and USAREUR requirements.
709th MI Battalion
The 709th (Menwith Hill) Military Intelligence Battalion, as a full partner in a joint, combined, and interagency activity, conducts cryptologic operations, providing resident Army Service Cryptologic Element (SCE) capability in support of Menwith Hill Station, JSSW Digby, and JAC Molesworth's National and Theater support missions.