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Unit Logo

706th Military Intelligence Group

Commander, 706th MI GRP
Bldg 2432, 9th Avenue and 15th Street
Fort Gordon, GA 30905-5294

(706) 791-0545

Mission: The 706th Military Intelligence Group executes dominant intelligence, security, and information operations to answer national, theater, and component commanders’ intelligence requirements. The unit also commands, controls and provides full-spectrum support to organic elements and National Security Agency/Central Security Service Georgia components.

The 706th Military Intelligence Group, located at Fort Gordon, Ga., provides personnel, intelligence assets and technical support to conduct signals intelligence operations within the National Security Agency/Central Security Service Georgia (NSA/CSS Georgia) and worldwide.

Originally established in 1994 as the Gordon Regional Security Operations Center and renamed in June 2005, NSA/CSS Georgia performs its mission as one leg of a triad of sites designed to meet the nation’s changing needs for regional intelligence support and to accommodate the fiscal realities of the 1990s, including the closing of many of the intelligence community’s overseas locations. NSA/CSS Georgia’s primary mission is to ensure deployed U.S. forces receive the accurate, timely, expedient information that this far-flung network once provided.

Training is an essential tool in ensuring that people and processes are ready to meet the challenge of this demanding environment. Accordingly, NSA/CSS Georgia rapidly established itself as a leading provider of operational, technical and - especially - language training. In this way, it has grown to integrate the training and operational needs of both national and tactical personnel in one centralized location, serving local personnel, as well as visitors from across the country and around the globe.

Senior guests, inspectors and a steady stream of daily visitors acknowledge NSA/CSS Georgia as a model organization, recognition confirmed by many prestigious personal and organizational awards.

Stepping up to the primary tenets that underlay the very creation of the organization - support to military operations, continued access despite the loss of overseas real estate and a skilled workforce ready to tackle the latest in technology, NSA/CSS Georgia is a success story that continues to be written daily. Working continuously - 24 hours a day, seven days a week - the 706th Military Intelligence Group provides warfighters with the intelligence they need to serve the nation and to protect it from all of its enemies.

Site Last Updated: 2 June 2017