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Mission: Conduct human intelligence operations and provide expertise in support of ground component priority intelligence requirements using a full spectrum of human intelligence collection methods.

The U.S. Army Intelligence and Security Command and the Department of the Army G2 established the United States Army Operations Group Provisional in March 2003 to conduct human intelligence operations. Since that time, AOG has been a productive member of the Defense Department HUMINT community.

AOG conducts operations in all HUMINT disciplines and supports commanders from the tactical to strategic and Army levels, including units involved in combat operations in Iraq, Afghanistan and worldwide. As the Army seeks to expand and improve its HUMINT capabilities, AOG is serving as a source of expertise and experience, and providing input to Army decision makers in support of those efforts.

Located at Fort Meade, Md., AOG's mission and organization continues to expand, and its HUMINT capabilities will grow within the next few years to meet the challenges posed by the Global War on Terrorism, Army Transformation and future force deployments in response to priority intelligence gaps.

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