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MISSION: The 66th MI Brigade conducts theater level multidiscipline intelligence and security operations and, when directed, deploys prepared forces to conduct joint/combined expeditionary and contingency operations in support of U.S. Army Europe and U.S. European Command.

Conducting national, theater and tactical intelligence operations in every intelligence discipline and across the operational spectrum, the 66th Military Intelligence Brigade provides timely, relevant and actionable intelligence to forward stationed and deployed commanders throughout the world.

Focused support includes daily U. S. Army Europe Analysis and Control Element all-source intelligence products, providing and maintaining the secure communications architecture for theater, conducting continuous counterintelligence and force protection operations and conducting signals intelligence operations. The 66th MI Brigade has Soldiers and Civilians deployed in direct support of Operations Enduring Freedom, Iraqi Freedom, Enduring Support (Bosnia), Kosovo Force, Enduring Freedom Trans-Sahara (Africa) and Global War on Terrorism missions throughout European Command’s area of responsibility.

The 66th MI Brigade’s highest operational priority is satisfying the U.S. Army Europe commanding general’s requirements while simultaneously transforming to a theater intelligence brigade. This is accomplished through the efforts of more than 1,100 intelligence professionals assigned to the Brigade – whether assigned to headquarters and headquarters company; 2nd MI Battalion and its numerous MI detachments throughout Europe; the 105th MI Battalion (Provisional) and its European Security Center; the Menwith Hill MI Battalion (Provisional) at Menwith Hill Station, United Kingdom; the 323rd MI Battalion (Army Reserve) at Fort Meade, Md.; or the 1st MI Battalion (Aerial Exploitation), Wiesbaden Army Airfield.

The 66th MI Brigade is “Always Out Front,” anticipating emerging missions and requirements. Project Foundry initiatives are conducted by maximizing “operational training” opportunities for USAREUR’s tactical forces, reserve and National Guard Soldiers in the counterintelligence military intelligence detachments, USAREUR ACE and ESC. A leader in theater transformation efforts and executing USAREUR and U.S. European Command theater security cooperation strategies, the 66th MI Brigade aggressively pursues military-to-military initiatives with allied nations and host nation liaison activities to create a more productive intelligence architecture that enhances force protection and counter-terrorism efforts in theater. All missions are accomplished in an effort to protect the Soldiers, Civilians, and Family members in Europe.

The Army's operational intelligence force - engaged worldwide as part of the joint/interagency team; conducting multi-discipline collection, fusion and analysis to generate actionable intelligence in support of the Global War on Terrorism and regional contingency operations. A network of horizontally integrated fusion centers which leverage shared national databases, persistent intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance, tactiacl reporting and advanced analytical tools. Joint, interoperable counterintelligence/human intelligence, signals intelligence, and measures and signatures intelligence modules capable of rapid deployment/employment - with linkage to the fusion center network. Tactically useful, rapid prototype initiatives developed, vetted fielded in partnership with the intelligence community, industry, and academia. Tough, joint-savvy intelligence leaders at every level.

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