709th MI Battalion

Commander: LTC Loren Traugutt

Command Sergeant Major: CSM James M. Calder

Our History:

The Army was the first US Department of Defense entity to operate at Menwith Hill.  In 1956, the United States Army Security Agency (USASA) established the 13th USASA Field Station on site.  The site operated under the USASA until 1966 when the National Security Agency assumed control.

In 1985, a detachment of Headquarters and Headquarters Company, 704th MI Brigade was established at Menwith Hill Station.  In 1992, this detachment became A Company of the 743rd MI Battalion, 704th MI Brigade.

In 1995, the United States Army Intelligence and Security Command (INSCOM) was named the Executive Agent for Menwith Hill Station on behalf of the National Security Agency.  INSCOM transformed A Company, 743rd Military Intelligence Battalion into the 713th Military Intelligence Group.  COL G. Dixon Gribble commanded from 1995-97, COL Joseph Brand commanded from 1997-99, and COL Clyde Harthcock commanded from 1999-2000.  In 2000, the Group added a second company and was re-designated as the 109th Military Intelligence Group.  Taking command in June of 2000, COL Christine Marsh served as 109th Military Intelligence Group’s last commander.

On 19 July 2002, INSCOM transferred Menwith Hill Station responsibility to the United States Air Force.  In place of the 109th Military Intelligence Group, the Commanding General of INSCOM formed a provisional battalion on station at the time designated as the Menwith Hill Battalion (Provisional).  On 18 October 2008 the unit, under the command of a Lieutenant Colonel, was re-designated as the 307th Military Intelligence Battalion, subordinate to the 66th Military Intelligence Brigade headquartered at Wiesbaden, Germany.

On 16th Oct, 2009, the battalion was re-designated as the 709th Military Intelligence Battalion.

The U.S. Army is proud to continue it’s long distinguished association with RAF Menwith Hill Station.