United States Army Intelligence and Security Command
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704th Military Intelligence Brigade

Commander, 704th MI BDE
9805 Emory Road
Fort Meade, MD 20755-5930

(301) 677-0249

MISSION: The 704th Military Intelligence Brigade provides trained and ready forces to conduct global cryptologic operations for the National Security Agency and Army and Joint commanders.

Staying true to the motto "Here and Everywhere," the 704th Military Intelligence Brigade has subordinate battalions at Fort Meade, and at Buckley Air Force Base, Colorado, with additional elements assigned in support of Army and joint commands throughout the world. Additionally, the 704th Military Intelligence Brigade deploys teams and individual Soldiers in support of global operations.

Subordinate units include:

The 741st Military Intelligence Battalion enables global cryptologic operations and enhances the Army Cryptologic Force in order to provide the Nation's Leaders and Joint Force Commanders with a decisional advantage in multi-domain battle.

The 742nd Military Intelligence Battalion provides cryptologic, network, technical support, control, and training to enable critical requirements for National, Joint, Combined, and Army operations.

The 743rd Military Intelligence Battalion conducts global cryptologic operations through NSA Colorado and the Joint Defense Facility Pine Gap in order to provide commanders at all echelons with a decisive advantage in a multi-domain battle.

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