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Pay is only part of the compensation you will earn working for the Federal Government. Below are some highlights of the broad array of benefits the Federal Government has to offer.


HOLIDAYS: Ten paid holidays each year.

LEAVE: New employees earn 4 hours annual leave (vacation days) and 4 hours sick leave per pay period (13 days of each per year).

HEALTH INSURANCE PROGRAM: Government pays 70% of the cost. You can pay your share of premiums as well as your out-of-pocket costs with pre-tax dollars. No waiting period, pre-existing clauses, or medical examinations. Health insurance may be carried into retirement.

LIFE INSURANCE PLANS: Group term life insurance – Basic life and three options (Standard, Additional and Family) – Government pays 30% of the cost.

RETIREMENT PLAN: Three-part retirement program includes a Social Security benefit, a 401(k) type plan, and a defined benefit component based on years of employment and salary history.

THRIFT SAVINGS PLAN: Investment plan similar to a 401k. Invest up to 11% of base salary – includes employer matching funds up to 5% of base salary.

EMPLOYEE DEVELOPMENT: Employee training and development programs paid by the Government, including college courses (typically two professional development events attended per year). Civilian education/professional development funds to pay for college courses cannot be used to pay for college courses if employee is enrolled in a degree program; however employees can apply/compete for centrally-funded academic degree training (ADT) through their respective Army career program.

FLEXIBLE WORK SCHEDULES: Some agencies offer flextime, compressed work schedules and telework.

PERMANENT CHANGE OF DUTY STATION – FIRST DUTY STATION: Expenses are limited to travel expenses including per diem for the appointee; transportation for immediate family of appointee; mileage if privately owned vehicle is used; transportation and temporary storage of household goods; nontemporary storage of household goods if appointed to an isolated location; and transportation of mobile homes.


(Used at the discretion of the agency)

RECRUITMENT: Lump-sum incentive to newly appointed employees for difficult-to-fill positions; up to 25% of basic pay.

ADVANCED HIRING SALARY: Allows flexibility to set starting base pay at a level about the step 1 of the GGE grade offered to new Federal employees who possess superior qualifications (i.e., unique qualification, scarce skills, etc).

RELOCATION: Lump-sum incentive to current federal employees for difficult-to-fill position in a different commuting area; up to 25% of basic pay.

RETENTION: Continuing payment to retain an employee with unusually high or unique qualifications or a special need of the agency for the employee's services that makes it essential to retain the employee and that the employee would be likely to leave the Federal service in the absence of a retention incentive; up to 25% of basic pay. Employee must sign a statement of understanding. No service obligation since payments are made on a bi-weekly basis.

STUDENT LOAN REPAYMENT: Used as a recruitment or retention incentive for highly qualified candidates or current employees for difficult-to-fill positions. Limited to $10,000 per calendar year with lifetime maximum of $60,000.

INCENTIVE AWARDS: Monetary, honorary, and time-off awards.