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National Ground Intelligence Center

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Building 4465
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Charlottesville, VA 22911-8318

(434) 980-7085

Mission: The National Ground Intelligence Center (NGIC) provides foundational all-source and geospatial intelligence on foreign ground force capabilities, related military technologies, and GEOINT targeting support to ensure that U.S. Army, DoD, Joint and National-level decision makers maintain decision advantage and prevent strategic surprise.

The National Ground Intelligence Center is the Defense Department’s primary producer of ground forces intelligence. NGIC produces scientific and technical intelligence and military capabilities analysis on foreign ground forces required by warfighting commanders, the force modernization and research and development communities, Defense Department and national policymakers.

NGIC’s general military intelligence mission focuses on foreign ground forces from the operational through small-unit level, maintaining detailed knowledge of current foreign ground force capabilities as well as a focus of five, 10 and 20 years in the future. It includes irregular and conventional warfare analysis examining foreign ground forces from a perspective that includes battlefield operating systems, doctrine, tactics, techniques and procedures, training, maintenance, logistics and order of battle.

NGIC also has highly-skilled specialists such as physicists, chemists, computer scientists, mathematicians and engineers in diverse fields from aeronautics to robotics - along with modelers, simulation experts, and other technical specialists who evaluate the capabilities and performance data on virtually every weapons system used by a foreign ground force, including chemical and biological weapons and future weapons concepts.

NGIC is the primary agency within the Defense Department responsible for the acquisition requirements management and exploitation of foreign ground systems materiel and helicopters.

NGIC’s Foreign Materiel Program gathers military intelligence characteristically found on recent battlefields or other places foreign materiel may be available. This extremely complex process involves factors such as materiel availability, prioritized customer requirements, funding and test site availability.

Visualization is critical to military intelligence, and NGIC is singularly capable of providing the pictures warfighters need. With experienced imagery analysts and scientists specializing in physics, chemistry and mechanical engineering, NGIC develops and produces a range of sophisticated Geospatial Intelligence products.

NGIC is leading the way in INSCOM’s counter improvised explosive device efforts by providing technical intelligence and all-source fusion capabilities to assist U.S. and other Allied Forces to identify explosive-making networks worldwide.

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