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Office of the Inspector General

8825 Beulah St.
Ft Belvoir, VA 22060-5246

Nolan Bldg 3F123

IG Phone:
(DSN: 235-)
(571) 515-7439


KM Portal: INSCOM Inspector General

INSCOM Inspector General

Welcome to the INSCOM Office of the Inspector General (OIG) web site. The INSCOM OIG provides assistance to soldiers, family members or civilians who request it. The US Army IG System is comprised of four basic IG functions. They are:

  • Inspections
  • Assistance
  • Investigations
  • Teaching and Training
IGs execute this system through two basic processes
  • The Inspections Process
  • The Inspector General Action Process

The Organizational Inspection Program (OIP) is a Commander's program comprised of Command, Staff and IG Inspections.

Before requesting OIG assistance and completing the DA Form 1559, recommend you view the Before Calling the IG poster.

The answers to many questions concerning OIG assistance can be found on the Frequently Asked Questions page.

Initiate a complaint:
The Inspector General Action Request Form, is provided for your convenience.

INSCOM IG can only accept UNCLASSIFIED complaints on this website. Please do not submit any CLASSIFIED information using this complaint form. For information on submitting a CLASSIFIED complaint, visit:



Department of Defense Hotline - Classified Complaints.

Other Avenues:

  • Presidential / Congressional Inquiries
  • Department of Defense Inspector General Office
  • Department of the Army Inspector General Office
  • US Army Counter Intelligence
  • Criminal Investigations Division

  • Contact phone numbers for the INSCOM OIG are:

    • IG: (571) 515-7439
    • Deputy IG: (571) 515-7429
    • Chief, Assistance and Investigations: (571) 515-7425
    • Chief, Inspections: (571) 515-7430
    • DAIG SAP/SA Inspections: (571) 515-7436
    • Staff Inspections: (571) 515-7434
    • DSN prefix: 235
    • NSTS prefix: 964


  • Department of Defense Inspector General
  • Department of the Army Inspector General

  • Anyone may submit a complaint, allegation, or request for information or assistance to any Army IG concerning a matter of Army interest regardless of status. There are no pre-conditions for coming to the Inspector General for Assistance.


    All IGs have a duty to protect to the maximum extent possible the personal identity of a complainant, witness, or any other individual providing information to the IG, particularly when the individual specifically requests confidentiality. Persons who ask the IG for help; make a complaint; provide testimony, information, or evidence as part of an IG inspection or investigation; or otherwise interact with an IG often do so because they have an expectation of confidentiality. Their expectation often centers on the safeguarding of the individual’s personal identity and the nature of the individual’s contact with the IG. Although confidentiality and the measures necessary to protect it will vary from circumstance to circumstance, the IG always treats confidentiality carefully and as a priority. While IGs will never promise confidentiality, IGs will endeavor to maintain confidentiality as a matter of primary importance and as a key to the IG system’s viability and success.

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