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Unit Logo

513th Military Intelligence Brigade

Commander, 513th MI BDE
Bldg. 21710 Barnes Ave
Fort Gordon, GA 30905

(706) 761-9177

513th MIB Home Page

Mission: The 513th Military Intelligence Brigade deploys in strength or in tailored elements to conduct multidiscipline intelligence and security operations in support of Army components of U.S. Central Command, and theater Army commanders.

The 513th Military Intelligence Brigade is comprised of three battalions: 202nd, 297th, and the 345th. Each unit has a unique mission that plays a vital role in the mission of the brigade as a whole.

The 202nd MI Battalion is headquartered at Fort Gordon, Ga., and provides continuous counterintelligence and human intelligence support throughout the continental United States and the U.S. Central Command area of responsibility.

As part of the transformation, the 202nd MI Battalion is building organizational constructs needed to provide commanders with continuous, long-term and forward deployed operational-level counterintelligence and human intelligence capabilities. The battalion served the nation during Operation Enduring Freedom and two separate deployments in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom.

The 297th MI Battalion has Soldiers deployed to Iraq, Kuwait, and Afghanistan, directly supporting the Coalition Forces Land Component Command headquarters in the U.S. Central Command area of responsibility and the Multi-National Forces - Iraq Command.

The 345th MI Battalion is scheduled to mobilize and deploy to the assigned area of responsibility to conduct multi-discipline intelligence operations in support of the 513th MI Brigade to defeat adversaries, promote regional stability, support allies and protect U.S. national interests.

Site Last Updated: 18 October 2018