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Army Cryptologic Office

9800 Savage Road, #6416
Ft. Meade, MD 20755

(301) 688-6718
(301) 688-8966
(301) 688-5838

Mission: ACO serves as the Army G2 and Service Cryptologic Component (SCC) representative to provide expert cryptologic leadership, support, guidance and advice to U.S. Army Warfighters and Intelligence leaders. Lead the Army’s Cryptologic effort to satisfy Signals Intelligence (SIGINT) requirements by leveraging NSA Extended Enterprise, Intelligence Community, Sister Services and Service Laboratories. Ensure timely and effective support to operations by providing optimized capabilities, training and resources.

» ACO Vision:

To be world-class professionals serving as the Army’s gateway for Cryptologic Support to satisfy Army and Joint Cryptologic requirements globally.

The Army's Gateway/411 for SIGINT

» ACO Organization:

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